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About Our Project

Scientists and researchers frequently require chemical compounds for their research and development (R&D). There are several ways of obtaining the desired R&D chemicals. One of the options is to engage the services of notable chemical manufactures, such as Aldrich. They have a wide distribution network which enables them to offer fast delivery times. However, they have only a limited range of reagents available in stock.

Another option is a service of online suppliers, like SciFinder, which offer a huge database of structures. Their disadvantages though, are the very high price for their services as well as unsatisfactory results, which merely contain a list of distributers and middleman for the desired compound(s). There are several smaller companies like Zinc whose databases are though free of charge. They, however, offer the same poor service, and only a list of vendors/brokers instead of offering the chemicals themselves.

Aurora Fine Chemicals is the final option. Aurora's service has none of the disadvantages stated above and includes:

  • 100 millions structures available in stock;
  • 100 millions structures searchable online and free of charge;
  • shipping chemicals worldwide.